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Payroll & GOSI Management

The lessons of Covid-19 have taught us the importance of social security in ensuring the long-term health of employees and ensuring that businesses are able to hold on to their most talented workers.
The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) is a government body in Saudi Arabia responsible for overseeing the country’s comprehensive social insurance policy. Beneficiaries, who may be either local or expat employees or their families, get payments from GOSI after the organisation collects contributions from employers, verifies compliance with legal social security insurance plans, and distributes funds to contributors.Payroll And Gosi Managementis an important aspect of a successful business.
OSHA, unemployment insurance, and annuities (including those for retirement, non-work-related disability, death, and early retirement) are all included in GOSI.

GOSI e-services

In the realm of social insurance, GOSI e-services represent a revolutionary step forward since they incorporate a variety of electronic channels, including Gosi Online Registration, e-payment, GOSI-Phone, direct link service, and Short Message Service (SMS)

The GOSI system that is used in  Arabia is one of a kind when compared to that used in other GCC nations and in other parts of the world where workers compensation is common practise. As was just discussed, the system offers a tonne of to workers in general, including those working abroad. You can get a Gosi Registration Form through our portal.

Positive Effects of the GOSI

In the case of an injury sustained while on the job, GOSI will pay for any necessary medical care. Until the individual is well again, we will pay for any and all necessary medical care. When you sign up with Better Helpe, you get Payroll And Compliance Management services at reasonable rates.
If an employee has an injury on the job and is rendered temporarily disabled, they will be compensated on a daily basis until they are fully recovered. The payments will continue to be made on weekends and holidays. In the event that the individual is no longer receiving treatment, they will get 75% of their Gosi Employee Registration.
The average pay from the previous three months will be used to calculate a lump sum equal to 84 months of salary in the event of permanent disability or death due to an accident on the job. However, SR 330,000 is the upper limit for this.