Corporate Services

Accounting, human resources, and legal services are just a handful of the various corporate services that are accessible. Every organization, large or small, in every area of the economy relies on corporate services. These are often handled by a company's internal departments or by hired outside parties. Betterhelp will assist you with, Post Registration Formalities, Nominated General Manger, Legal Entity Maintenance, Licensing support and Consultation etc. with their expert consultant.

Public Relation Services & Immigration Services

Public relations' subfield of government relations facilitates interaction between businesses and government agencies. A subset of public relations known as "public affairs" facilitates communication between an organization and various governmental bodies, legislative bodies, interest groups, and the media. Betterhelp will help you manage your public relation services & govt. departments by offering services related to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior (Passport Office), Chamber of Commerce, Labor Office, etc.

To immigrate means to become a resident or citizen of another nation. Immigration has historically shown to be economically, culturally, and socially advantageous to countries. Our immigration services include Visa Management, All Types of Visas, Resident Permit Services, Transfer of Sponsorship, Exit re-entry Service, Employee Information Update, and Other Immigration Services Betterhelp’ s expert staff will also relieve your immigration stress and deliver seamless services.

Human Resource and Personnel Support Services

Human resources are crucial to any business, yet not all businesses have the staff or budget to devote solely to HR. Several full-time HR professionals may be required depending on the extent of HR's responsibilities and the size of the organization. Betterhelp provides Human Resource and Personnel Support Services such as Human Resource Requirements, Saudi Labor Law Consultations, Recruitment & Selection, Personnel File Management, Performance Based Appraisals, Business Support Structures, and Insurance Services.

Payroll & GOSI Management

The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) was established to guarantee that the Social Insurance Law is implemented, that contributions are collected from enterprises, and that benefits are distributed to people who have paid into the system.

Payroll administration is the process of rewarding employees for their services.
Accounts Receivable, Monthly payroll administration, Preparation and delivery of monthly pay slips, and other services are included in payroll & GOSI management also Betterhelp experienced team will ease your payroll & GOSI hassle and will provide flowless services.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Service

An organization's financial management entails numerous key components. Accounts Payable is responsible for the precise administration of incoming payments and responsibilities to suppliers and creditors, as well as guaranteeing timely and correct settlements. Accounts Receivable, on the other hand, includes the administration of receiving payments from clients and customers, as well as the optimization of cash flow and the maintenance of good debtor relationships. Proper Fixed Asset tracking and management are required to monitor the organization's tangible resources and provide accurate financial reporting. Bank Account Reconciliation entails methodically matching the company's financial records with the bank's statements, verifying transaction and account balance correctness and with Betterhelp expert team of accountant you will get seamless experience of Accounting & Bookkeeping Services.

VAT & WHT Services

Ensuring adherence to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Value Added Tax (VAT) requirements is a paramount consideration. This involves meticulous management of VAT-related processes, documentation, and reporting to meet regulatory standards. Additionally, the imperative of complying with Withholding Tax (WHT) regulations further underscores the need for accurate record-keeping, appropriate tax deduction, and timely submission of required forms. Both aspects of compliance, VAT and WHT, necessitate a comprehensive approach to uphold legal obligations and maintain a smooth operational framework.

Outsourcing/ Employer of record Services

An employer of record (EOR) is a third-party entity that accepts all employment-related obligations and activities on your company's behalf and becomes the full legal employer of your staff. The term "outsourcing" refers to the common corporate practice of contracting out to an outside party the responsibility for carrying out certain activities, managing specific operations, or delivering specific services. With us you get Sponsorship Service/ Employer of record maintaining employee file, Immigration clearance, and Providing GRO/ PRO. Our outsourcing/sponsorship services are the best available.

Transportation Services

By signing up with our transportation services you get Vehicle Hire, Short term and Long Term With/without Driver, Travel & Airport Assistance (VVIP/VIP/Ordinary), Ticketing & Reservations, and Business Office Setup Services.

Business Office Setup Services

The process of setting up an office involves strategic decision-making and meticulous planning to create a conducive and efficient workspace. Selecting the appropriate office location is a pivotal step that considers factors such as accessibility, proximity to clients or partners, and the local business environment. Once the location is finalized, the next phase involves designing and building a tailored office solution that aligns with the organization's needs and culture. This includes considerations such as office layout, furniture selection, technology infrastructure, and amenities to foster a productive and comfortable work environment.

Ad hoc Services

Betterhelp ad hoc services include various types of insurance (health, car, life, etc.), facility operation and maintenance, manpower support (teaboy, cleaner, office boy), translation support, IT network support, and procurement management.

Post Registration

After the initial registration phase, the post-registration period is characterized by a series of crucial steps to establish a fully compliant and operational entity. This involves registering the entity with various government departments such as MHRSD (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development), GOSI (General Organization for Social Insurance), Zakat (Islamic tax), Mudad (Customs), Muqeem (Residency), COC (Chamber of Commerce), and more. Each registration ensures adherence to specific legal requirements, including labor regulations, social insurance contributions, tax obligations, and other industry-specific guidelines. Additionally, obtaining additional licenses tailored to the business's activities is essential for comprehensive legal authorization. This multifaceted process of post-registration activities is instrumental in setting the stage for a compliant, well-structured, and fully authorized business operation.

Entity Annual compliance

Annual compliance for an entity is a crucial phase that ensures the continued legality and smooth functioning of the business. One of the key aspects of this process involves the renewal of various legal licenses that the entity holds. These licenses encompass a wide range of authorizations, including the MISA (Ministry of Investment and Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority) license, Commercial Registration (CR), Chamber of Commerce (COC) membership, Qiwa platform registration, Muqeem (Residency) permits, as well as approvals from municipal authorities. Each of these licenses is essential for the entity to operate within the boundaries of legal regulations and industry standards.

Licensing Services

Entity conversion is a strategic move that businesses may consider to adapt to changing market dynamics or regulatory requirements. This process involves transforming the legal structure of the entity, such as converting from a sole proprietorship to a limited liability company or from a partnership to a corporation. Alongside this, securing trademark registration is paramount for safeguarding the entity's brand identity and intellectual property. In instances where a structure change is deemed necessary, meticulous planning and execution are involved to ensure a seamless transition while adhering to legal and financial considerations. This might encompass altering the organization's ownership distribution, governance framework, or business objectives.

Legal Services

Engaging in legal services is fundamental for any business to navigate the intricate landscape of local laws and regulations. Expert legal professionals provide essential consultation about the intricate nuances of local laws and rules, enabling businesses to make informed decisions that align with legal requirements. This includes comprehensive advice on matters of entity formation and liquidation, ensuring that businesses follow the correct legal processes and meet all obligations. Moreover, legal experts offer valuable general consultancy services concerning entity compliance, assisting businesses in maintaining adherence to relevant regulations, standards, and practices.

HR Policy

Crafting a robust HR policy framework is integral for effective workforce management within any organization. Establishing comprehensive HR policies entails defining guidelines and protocols that govern various aspects of employee engagement, behavior, and expectations. This encompasses matters such as performance expectations, code of conduct, leave policies, and more. In parallel, structuring compensation and benefits packages is a critical facet to attract and retain talent. HR professionals work diligently to design competitive remuneration structures and benefits programs that align with industry standards and cater to the needs of the workforce. Moreover, employment agreements and addendums form the legal foundation of the employer-employee relationship. Ensuring these documents are accurately drafted and aligned with prevailing labor laws is vital for both parties' understanding of their rights and responsibilities. 

Medical Insurance Management

The process of establishing and managing an efficient medical insurance policy for employees involves several key steps. It begins with obtaining and carefully reviewing quotations from various insurance providers, followed by the meticulous selection of the most suitable quotation that aligns with the organization's budget and employee healthcare needs. Subsequently, an agreement is signed with the chosen service provider, outlining the terms and conditions of the coverage. The ongoing management of the medical insurance policy encompasses tasks such as handling the registration and deregistration of employees as they join or leave the organization. Additionally, efficient management includes overseeing the submission and processing of medical claims, ensuring that employees' healthcare needs are met promptly and comprehensively.

Procurement Management

Effective procurement management is essential for an organization's operational success. It encompasses a series of strategic steps to ensure the sourcing of goods and services aligns with the company's needs and goals. Selecting vendors is a critical starting point, involving careful assessment of potential suppliers based on their quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Establishing payment terms is a key financial consideration, determining how payments will be made and when. Strategic vetting is crucial to thoroughly evaluate vendors, their capabilities, and their compatibility with the organization's requirements. Vendor selection involves making the final decision based on a combination of factors including reputation, capacity, and value proposition.

Translation services

Translation services play a pivotal role in facilitating effective communication across languages and industries. This encompasses a wide range of domains, including both technical and non-technical translation, which ensures that specialized information is accurately conveyed in the target language. Financial reports translation is of paramount importance for businesses with international operations, as it enables stakeholders to understand financial data and insights in their native language. Similarly, translating legal documents is crucial to ensure that legal agreements, contracts, and other documents maintain their precision and intent when crossing linguistic boundaries. These services collectively bridge linguistic gaps and facilitate seamless cross-border communication and collaboration.