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Unlocking Saudi Arabia’s Employment Benefits: Betterhelp Business Services and GOSI

Saudi Arabia’s General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) plays a pivotal role in the country’s workforce development, offering crucial benefits to both employers and employees. In this landscape, Betterhelp Business Services emerges as a key facilitator, empowering businesses with seamless GOSI integration and support services.

Understanding GOSI: A Vital Component of Saudi Employment
GOSI stands as a fundamental social insurance scheme in Saudi Arabia, providing comprehensive coverage to employees against various contingencies. This includes injuries at the workplace, occupational diseases, disability, retirement, and more. It’s a cornerstone of the Saudi labor market, ensuring a safety net for employees and facilitating a stable, supportive work environment.

Betterhelp Business Services: Simplifying GOSI Compliance
Navigating the complexities of GOSI can be challenging for businesses. Here’s where Betterhelp Business Services steps in. As a leading business solutions provider, Betterhelp specializes in GOSI compliance and offers tailored services to ensure seamless integration for companies operating in Saudi Arabia.

GOSI Services Offered by Betterhelp Business Services

GOSI Registration Assistance: Betterhelp’s expert team assists in the seamless registration process, ensuring businesses meet all criteria for GOSI enrollment.

Compliance Management: Keeping up with GOSI regulations can be intricate. Betterhelp simplifies compliance management, guaranteeing adherence to all requirements and timelines.

Employee Coverage Management: From employee enrollment to coverage updates and terminations, Betterhelp ensures accurate and up-to-date records for GOSI coverage.

Claims Management Support: In the event of claims, Betterhelp provides comprehensive support, aiding employers in navigating the claims process effectively.

Consultation and Advisory: Betterhelp offers consultations, guiding businesses through the nuances of GOSI compliance, providing expert insights, and ensuring optimal benefits for employees.

Why Choose Betterhelp Business Services?

Expertise and Experience: With a seasoned team well-versed in GOSI regulations, Betterhelp assures efficient and compliant services.

Tailored Solutions: Betterhelp understands each business’s unique needs, offering personalized solutions for GOSI integration.

Reliability and Efficiency: Count on Betterhelp for prompt, accurate, and streamlined GOSI services, ensuring peace of mind for businesses.

Betterhelp Business Services stands as a reliable partner for companies navigating the complexities of GOSI compliance. With an aim to streamline operations and ensure a robust work environment, Betterhelp facilitates GOSI integration, offering businesses in Saudi Arabia the advantage of seamless social insurance compliance.

For comprehensive GOSI services tailored to your business needs, partner with Betterhelp Business Services and unlock the full potential of Saudi Arabia’s employment benefits.


Unlock Limitless Opportunities with BetterHelp Business Services Company in Saudi Arabia
Are you eyeing Saudi Arabia’s booming market for your business expansion? The gateway to unlocking unparalleled growth lies with BetterHelp Business Services Company. Our expertise in facilitating the establishment of ‘Regional Headquarters’ (RHQ) in the Kingdom ensures a seamless entry into this lucrative business landscape.

Understanding the RHQ Program
The RHQ Program, backed by the Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC) and the Ministry of Investment (MISA), stands as a beacon for global corporations seeking a strategic foothold in the MENA region. With our guidance, navigate the program effortlessly and leverage its potential to transform your business in Saudi Arabia.


Comprehensive Services Tailored for Your Success

Expert Consultation and Strategy
Rely on our seasoned professionals for comprehensive consultation. We specialize in crafting strategies that align with your business goals, ensuring a flawless RHQ setup and compliance with Saudi regulations.

Legal and Regulatory Navigation
Navigating legal and regulatory requirements is simplified with BetterHelp Business Services Company. Our in-depth understanding ensures a smooth transition through the complexities of RHQ establishment.

Bespoke Solutions
No cookie-cutter solutions here. We understand that each business is unique. Our tailored solutions cater specifically to your business model, amplifying your chances of success in the Saudi market.

Discover the Benefits of Partnering with Us
Saudization Exemptions
Benefit from exemptions that alleviate Saudization requirements for 10 years, providing significant relief during your RHQ setup.


Streamlined Work Visas
Avail yourself of streamlined processes to acquire work visas for jobs restricted to Saudi nationals. No limit on work visas for RHQ employees.

Family Benefits
Dependents of RHQ employees can access jobs through the Ajeer program, while sons can stay until they reach 25 years of age.

Qualification Flexibility
RHQ workers with qualifications from their home countries don’t need Saudi work qualifications.

Cost-Efficient Services
Embrace cost-effective solutions where services from MISA are fee-exempt after the first year, ensuring optimized expenditure.

Your Partner in Success
BetterHelp Business Services Company is committed to propelling your business toward success in Saudi Arabia. Our unparalleled expertise, combined with a tailored approach and cost-effective solutions, ensures an RHQ setup that maximizes your business’s potential.

Unlock unparalleled opportunities in Saudi Arabia today. Partner with BetterHelp Business Services Company and witness your business soar to new heights in the MENA region.

For a seamless RHQ setup and unmatched guidance, trust BetterHelp Business Services Company. Your journey to business success in Saudi Arabia starts here.